1. City Attorney

    Learn about the duties of the city attorney.

  2. City Clerk

    See what the role of the city clerk is.

  3. City Manager's Office

    Find out what the City Manager's Office is responsible for.

  4. CRA

    Community Redevelopment Agency, CRA

  5. Development Services

    Find out what it is that the Public Works and Development Services Department does in Lauderdale Lakes.

  6. Financial Services

    Learn about what it is that the Financial Services Department is responsible for.

  7. Fire Rescue

    Seek information about the Fire Rescue Department.

  8. Human Resources & Risk Management

    Explore the duties of the Human Resources and Risk Management Department.

  9. Parks & Human Services

    Browse through the Parks and Human Services Department to find more information on what roles it plays in the community.

  10. Public Safety

    Explore the Public Safety Department and what it's comprised of.

  11. Public Works

    Find out what the Public Works Division is responsible for.