Code Compliance Procedures

What is Code Compliance Responsible for?

Code Enforcement is responsible for overseeing compliance with the City of Lauderdale Lakes Ordinances regarding zoning laws, sign regulations, obstructions on City property or City Right-of-Way, overgrown vegetation, trash, unlicensed or inoperative vehicles and yard waste

What is Code Enforcement NOT Responsible for?

Code Enforcement is not responsible for the following:

  • Animal Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Building Permits - Please contact City of Lauderdale Lakes Development Services Permitting Department  (954) 535-2785
  • Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License) - Please contact City of Lauderdale Lakes  Development Services Business Tax Department (954) 535-2486
  • Bulk Trash (Scheduling and Issues) - Please contact Waste Management (954) 974-7500

How To Report Possible Code Violation

By Phone

(954) 535-2760

By Email:

In Person:

Development Services Building

3521 NW 43rd Avenue

Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

As much detailed information as available should be provided.

  • Specific address or detailed location of the violation
  • Detailed description of the code violation
  • Time and date violation occurred

How We Respond

A code officer will be assigned to investigate reports of potential violations within 24-48 to determine if code violations exist. When an officer confirms a code violation, the officer will inform the property owner and request voluntary action to correct the violation.

Receive a Code Violation?

Please read the notice carefully to find out why the notice was issued and how you may bring the violation into compliance within the time allotted.  

If you should require additional information regarding the violation(s) and/or the corrective action required please contact the Code Compliance Officer that issued the notice at the phone number or email address provided.  In some cases, additional time can be provided based on the circumstances and progress towards correcting the violation.

If prompt action is not taken to correct a violation, there are several possible consequences, including a notice to appear before the Code Enforcement Board, Special Master, Unsafe Structures Board or County Court Judge. In some cases, the city may arrange for the violation to be corrected and file a lien to recover the costs.