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Become a VolunTeen Form


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    1. Become a VolunTeen

      Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the City of Lauderdale Lakes! Our teen volunteer program is open to teens in grades 8-12 (as of October. 2022- September 2023) who are looking to help out and make a difference in the community. Once a volunteer application/email address is on record, teens will be eligible to begin volunteering. Opportunities will be posted on our website (Teen/Volunteer) and you will receive emails when new opportunities become available.

    2. Heading

      Teen volunteer applications are valid for ONE academic school year. Application must be resubmitted every year to keep our records current with updated information.

    3. Do not put your school emailaddress( Emails sent to that emails address will be blocked.

    4. Fill out if your parent or guardian is also interested in receiving the teen volunteer emails.

    5. Students who live in Lauderdale Lakes or attend school in in Broward county may register to be a teen volunteer at the City of Lauderdale Lakes .