Public Works

3463 NW 43rd Avenue
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
Ph:  954-535-2815
Fx:  954-733-4220

The Public Works Division provides effective management and maintenance of public infrastructure and facilities with the goal of protecting the health and safety of our residents and employees while providing a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our staff takes pride in maintaining and improving the City of Lauderdale Lakes and serving the residents. The Division consists of six sections: Administration, Facilities, Fleet, Landscape, Streets, and Stormwater Sections.

This section's mission is to provide efficient and effective administrative, budget, and other support for the various departmental divisions.

This section provides overall administrative direction, support, planning, supervision, contract management, payroll, budget development, solid waste contract administration, and other functions.

This section's mission is to maintain city buildings and facilities in an efficient and economical manner that serves the needs of all end-users.

This section is responsible for janitorial services, minor construction and renovations, electrical and air conditioning system maintenance, space planning, security, and maintaining of city facilities including City Hall, Public Works, Public Safety, and Alzheimer Care buildings. Services are provided in cooperation with all city departments, the Broward Sheriff's Office, and numerous private contractors and vendors.

This section's mission is to provide reliable transportation and functional equipment utilized by various city departments, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliability.

This section is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of city vehicles, small and heavy equipment, fuel systems and emergency generators. In fiscal year 1999, the section began incorporating the repair and maintenance responsibilities for the Fire Department fleet, and currently performs 100% of the preventative maintenance. They are also responsible for recommending, when necessary, vehicle replacement based upon condition, mileage, maintenance costs, and serviceability.

This section's mission is to maintain and enhance landscaping in public rights of way and medians owned by the city.

This section is responsible for the preservation and aesthetic quality of medians, trees, and irrigation systems. Additional responsibilities include mowing, trimming, and litter control. The section seeks out ways to enhance the beautification of public areas utilizing environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and safety conscious designs. These services are provided by working in collaboration with other city departments, government agencies, and various private contractors and vendors.

This section's mission is to maintain the streets and traffic system in a responsible manner and provide timely repairs as needed.

This section is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and construction activities for all city dedicated streets, public parking lots, sidewalks, guardrails, curbs, concrete walls, right of ways, street lighting, and street signs. In addition, the section coordinates the repair and maintenance of traffic control with Broward County Traffic Engineering Division. The goal of our Street Section is to maintain all roadways in accordance with codes and regulations.

This section's mission is to protect the city against flooding by establishing and maintaining efficient stormwater collection, routing and pumping systems, and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city's waterways by maintaining them free of debris and aquatic vegetation.

This section is responsible for treating the canals for aquatic plants, debris removal from the city's waterways, cleaning and repair of drainage structures, pipes and construction of minor drainage infrastructure. The section is also responsible for evaluating the capacity of existing stormwater systems, production and periodic updating of accurate stormwater plans, the design of in-house drainage construction projects, and administration of contracts for stormwater-related capital improvement projects. This section also handles all new installation of stormwater pipe, catch basins, and manholes.

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