Code Compliance


Our Mission

The mission of the Lauderdale Lakes Code Compliance Division is to safeguard the vitality of our community with the enforcement of the City’s Code of Ordinances and Land Development Regulations. We intend to accomplish this mission through the education of, and engagement with, our neighbors throughout the community, all while building safe, clean, prosperous, and sustainable neighborhoods and businesses that we can all be proud of!  WE CARE!

If You Have Received a Notice From Code Compliance:

Please read the notice carefully to find out why the notice was issued and how you may bring the violation into compliance within the time allotted. If the violation is not corrected by the time specified for correction, you will receive notice to appear at a hearing on this matter before the City’s Special Magistrate, pursuant to the City of Lauderdale Lakes Code of Ordinances, Section 30-83, and Florida Statutes, Chapter 162. Furthermore, if the violation is corrected and then recurs by the time specified for correction, the case may still be presented to the Special Magistrate even if the violation has been corrected again prior to the board hearing.

For additional information regarding violations and/or corrective action required, or if you need additional time to bring the property into compliance, please contact the individual that issued the notice, as follows:


Natalie Collie, Code Compliance Officer (954) 535-2761 

Bernstein Saimbert, Code Compliance Officer (954) 535-2762 

Additional Resources


Link to the City’s Code Online: