Abandoned/Vacant Properties

Abandoned properties often become overgrown open and unsecured. These conditions are detrimental to our communities as they have a negative impact on property value and invite criminal activity.  Registration of abandoned real property provides the City with vital contact information for the lender and/or the service provider.  The ability to make contact the responsible parties expedites compliance of nuisance violations that are consistent with abandoned/vacant properties. The City requires:

  1. The mortgagee and all persons or entities holding an equitable interest in such real property register the property with the Director of the community Development services, or his or her designee, forms provided by the city.
  2. Monthly inspections by the mortgagee and by all persons or entities having or owning an equitable interest in such real property until (1) The mortgagor or other party remedies the default or(2) it is found to be vacant or shows evidence of vacancy at which time it is deemed abandoned and the before mentioned registration is required. 
  3. Registration contains the name and telephone number of mortgagee, facsimile number and email address and in the case of a corporation or out of area mortgagee the local property management company responsible for the security and maintenance of the property
  4. An annual registration fee in the amount of 150.00 per property
  5. This section shall also apply to properties that have been the subject of all foreclosure sale where at the title was transferred to the beneficiary of a mortgage involved in the foreclosure and any properties transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure or foreclosure sale.
  6. Change of information contained in the registration is to be provided within ten calendar days of the change