Important Dates


 Important dates 

Election Date                                                                          November 8, 2022

Certification of ballots by the Supervisor of Elections    November 18, 2022

Swearing-in Ceremony                                                          November 21, 2022   12 pm 

Preliminary Agenda

  • Swearing-In for Commission Seat 1
  • Swearing-In for Commission Seat 2

Organizational Meeting/City Commission Meeting              November 22, 2022    7 pm 

Preliminary Agenda   

  • Resolution Appointing a Vice Mayor
  • Resolution Appointing a Mayor

Swearing In of Mayor

  • Resolution Appointing Vice Mayor after Mayor
  • Resolution Appointing a City Commissioner to fill vacant City Commission seat (may be done at a later meeting)

PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence related to the Swearing-In Ceremony, and the Organizational Meeting (to include filling the vacant City Commission seat) should be sent to the City Clerk’s Office:

Please see additional information below to include the City Charter and City Code of Ordinances as it pertains to the outlined topics. 


Section 3.06. Swearing-in ceremony 

At noon on the first Monday following a regular city election and certification by the supervisor of elections, or as soon as may be practicable if there has been a disputed election, the city commission and mayor shall meet at the City Hall at which time:

(a)          The newly elected city commissioners shall take the oath of office; 
(b)          In years when a mayor is elected, the newly elected mayor shall take the oath of office.

Section 3.09. - Vice-mayor; selection, term, duties, vacancies; presiding officer; transition.

(1)          Service of vice-mayor. The city shall hold its annual organizational meeting in the month designated for the election of city officials, which organizational meeting shall take place irrespective of an actual election of officials. At the annual organizational meeting provided for herein, except as otherwise provided for the initial transition period, the city commission shall by motion select from among its members a vice-mayor who shall serve a term of one year.


Sec. 2-61. Filling vacancies in commission

Rule 23. Whenever an office of commissioner in any group shall become vacant as provided in the Charter, it shall be filled by the remaining members of the commission as provided in this rule as follows:

(1)   At the first regular meeting of the commission at which the vacancy or the declaration of a vacancy shall be made known to the commission or at the next regular or special meeting as determined by the commission, the commission shall receive nominations for the filling of such vacancy.

(2)   At the meeting at which the nominations were made or at the meeting succeeding the meeting at which nominations were made, the commission shall, as a special order of business, hold an election to fill the vacancy. The commission shall proceed to elect a commissioner from among the persons nominated by call of the roll and voice vote. The person receiving a majority of votes shall be declared elected to the commission. If no person receives a majority of the votes and there be more than two nominations, the commission shall proceed with the voting by electing a commissioner from the two nominees receiving the highest number of votes. In the event of a tie vote to determine which nominee shall be elected or voted upon by elimination of others, a second roll call shall be taken, and should a tie vote again occur, the nominee to be voted upon, or to be declared elected, as the case may be, shall be determined by lot.